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Bible Text: Psalm 91 |

INTRO:  Psalm 91 is a prayer of protection for believers.  We must abide with the Lord to claim its protective covering.  When we put our trust in the Lord, He tells us that He will be our protector and our rescuer through our trials.  It does not say that we will have no trials.  Because we put our trust in the Lord, we can reach out to the others and be a light for them in these days of fear and uncertainty.


> The safest place on earth is under God’s wings.

- There are a lot of people who believe this psalm applies to them even though they are not saved.

- If we dwell in the secret place and go to Him and remain in Him, abide in Him, then we will have His protection.

- It is like when an eagle flies over a hen with her chicks; the mother hen will call to the chicks, and they will run to the protection of the mother hen’s wings.

- We cannot take the words of psalms 91 & 23 and claim their protection if we do not believe.

> Verses one and two are an assurance of the protection of the Lord when we trust in Him.

- “I will say of the Lord;” it is good for us to speak out loud what we believe.

- "He is my refuge and my fortress."

- We put our faith and trust in the Lord.

- We need to verbalize that we trust in the Lord.

- We can imagine the demons shrieking and fleeing.

> However, it is not a promise to free us from all trouble.

- We can take refuge in the Lord through the trials.

- He brings good out of trials.

- God allows both good and bad.

- When it happens, it brings us to be more like Jesus.

II.   WAYS GOD PROTECTS (vs. 3-8, 11-13)

> Pestilence is defined as a virulent disease, an epidemic that hits the masses of people.

- Pestilence is listed twice in Psalm 91 – God repeats it (vs. 3 & 6).

- God will defend us; God is our tower, our refuge, our rampart (v. 4).

- Refuge is rest and security; a rampart is a defense.

- When the enemy comes like a flood, the Lord will raise a standard against him.

- In God we place our trust.

- If we keep an attitude of humility through trials, we develop gratitude for God’s provision and protection.

- To tread upon the lion and the cobra is symbolic language for overcoming our trials (v. 13).

- It is a word picture, a graphic representation of the ways the devil can come into our lives.

- The Lord is teaching us different ways we come under attack.

- The lion comes at us boldly.

- But God will come and see us through.

- He will command His angels to protect us (v. 11).

- "To guard us in all our ways;" in other words, He will protect us wherever we go.

- However, we do not recklessly put ourselves in harm’s way.


> IF we make God our dwelling, the Lord will protect us.

- In Matthew 23:37, Jesus laments that Jerusalem is unwilling to turn to the Lord for protection.

- Will we go to Jesus?

- Will we choose to abide in His presence?

- If we go to God as our refuge, we can receive His protection.

- He wants to help us if we let Him.


> “Because he loves Me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges My Name” (v. 14).

- Verse fourteen gives another condition for God’s protection.

- Because he loves Me, I will rescue him…for he acknowledges My Name.

- Just because we are born does not mean we are born again.

- We are not all His children.

- We are all His creation.

> Because we acknowledge His Name, He will protect us.

- We are not to be ashamed of Him.

- We acknowledge His character and honor Him.

- God will answer when we call; He will be with us in trouble (v. 15).

- It doesn’t say He will remove the trouble.

> I will honor him; with long life I will satisfy him (v. 15 & 16).

- Our greatest satisfaction is in Him.

- He is most glorified when we are satisfied in Him.

> I will show him My salvation (v. 16).

- Salvation is defined in Strong‘s Concordance as rescue, health, help, or protection.

- Salvation is for those who call upon Jesus.

- Do we love Him?

- If we do, these promises are for us.

- This is our testimony to the world.

- When people see our testimony, that we are not fearful, they will want to know why.

- We have a huge opportunity to let Jesus shine through us.

- We have an opportunity to reach out to people.

- People are afraid and looking for direction.

- Be bold and take opportunities to share.

- Don’t hammer them; don’t be impatient; be gentle and respectful.

- Call people and ask if they need help.

- We can plant seeds.

- Take this opportunity to walk out psalm 91.

- Take this time to share Jesus; don’t be afraid.

> Let’s use wisdom with regard to this virus.

- Smallpox killed millions of people before it was eradicated.

- God can do that again.

CONCLUSION:  The hope is that there will be a cure.  But if God wants to use this virus, we can ask for God’s protection in the situation.  It is ultimately for His purpose.  It may not be his purpose to take it away.  As we pray, we can ask the Lord to show us how to pray.  He is still God no matter what we pray.

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