GOD’S TEN COMMANDMENTS: It’s All about Relationship

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Bible Text: Exodus 20:1-17 (HCSB) |

INTRO:  When reading the Ten Commandments, it’s easy to think that they’re just a list of rules that we better follow - or else!  But when you take a closer look, you’ll find that God gave us these commands, not only to show us how He wants us to live, but also to help deepen our relationship with Him and others.  There are consequences for obeying them and consequences for not obeying them.  Today we’re looking at the first Commandment: Do not have other gods besides Me.”

I.    The Ten Commandments are about relationship.

A.  God initiated a relationship before He even told His people the rules.

- The Ten Commandments are not about our Father getting ready to punish us.

- The Israelites were concerned that they would die in God’s presence because they were not good enough.

- He said, “I am the Lord YOUR God.”

- He is our God.

- God wants us to be in relationship with Him.

- God is a God of relationship.

- Muslims are coming to Christ in great numbers because God is a God of relationship, of love.

- We thank God that we can have a relationship with Him.

- Is our relationship based on do’s and don’ts?

- Rules without relationship lead to rebellion.

- We need to continue to pray for our families, that they will turn to the Lord.

- It isn’t automatic, even if they grow up in a godly home.

B.  We are to go deeper in our relationship with Him and others.

- We may want to avoid the Ten Commandments.

- They are not meant to be just a list of rules.

- The Ten Commandments call us back to love God and love others.

- They are similar to guard rails along the side of the road; they are there for a good purpose.

- The Ten Commandments are meant to protect us from danger.

- They are fundamental rules, parameters, by which to live.

- If we live the same way as the world, there is no difference between those without Christ and us.

- There is too much world in the church and not enough church in the world.

- Whoever is a friend with the world is an enemy of God.

- If that is the case, we vacated the place we should have with Him.

- God punishes the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate Him (Exodus 20:5; Deuteronomy 5:9).

- God shows love to a thousand generations for those who love Him and keep His commandments (Exodus 20:6; Deuteronomy 5:10).

II.   Worship God only.

A.  Worship none other than Him.

- The first commandment is about priority.

- He reminds us that He bought us back at a great price.

- We were in bondage to sin just as the Israelites were in bondage in Egypt.

- God brought them out of bondage, just as He does for us.

- We can choose to live under the blessings of God.

- It is our choice.

- The first four commandments are about our relationship with God.

- If we get the first commandments right, the others will fall into place.

- If we don’t get the first one right, none of the others will work.

- It is all about relationship.

- Psalm 103:7 says that God made His ways known to Moses.

- Moses understood the ways of God.

- However, Moses is dead; the veil is torn.

- We need to go before God ourselves.

B.  Do not have a god in your life at all (idols).

- We shall have no other gods.

- What is most important to us?

- There were countless gods in Egypt and still are in the world.

- People say, “It’s all the same God,” but that is not true.

- There are false gods but only one true God.

- We are the bride of Christ.

- It doesn’t work to have others in the marriage relationship.

- Be focused on God.

- Isaiah 45:5: “I am the Lord, and there is no other; apart from Me there is no God.”

III.  Put God first above everything & everyone else.

A.  Put God’s kingdom first in your life.

- Where are our priorities?

- When we draw a circle, God should be in the center and our other priorities should be around the edges.

- Is God really first, more important than other things?

- If God is not first, then nothing else will work in our lives.

- Matthew 6:33: Seek first the kingdom of God.

- We want things; we place stuff before God.

- We need to be challenged about our relationship with the Lord.

- God is not a “buddy” who will do our beckoning.

- Life is all about love for God and love for others.

- Let it show by the way we live.

- Let it show that God is number one.

- Let’s go after the One who blesses and not just the blessings.

B.  The consequence of putting God first in your life.

- We are to live a life of joy no matter the circumstances of our lives.

- We have been redeemed at a great price.

- We determine the depth of our relationship.

- If God feels far away, we are the ones who have moved, not God.

- God is here for us; He is our everything.

- He has everything we need.

- He wants us to go deeper.

- God loves us; He wants to save the world.

- We want God to save us; we cannot save ourselves.

- We can’t do it on our own; we need God.

CONCLUSION:  We won’t give the other nine commandments our attention if the very first and foundational commandment is not in place.  We need to make God the only God in our life, to offer up to Him the love and commitment He wants us to have.  This first Commandment is about priority.  Our top priority can be determined by our top commitment!  Where does God show up in your life?


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