My Hero of Heroes

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Bible Text: 1 Chronicles 20:1-30 |

Tommy’s Testimony: Tommy’s mom was fifteen when he was born; she was a child trying to raise a child.  When Tommy was a toddler, his babysitter put beer in his bottle because she ran out of milk.  Alcohol was a part of his family’s life.  He was served alcohol as a child. He began to enjoy drinking and became an alcoholic.

Tommy was taught to fight if he was in the right, so he hit the child he was playing with when he took his toy while playing in the sandbox. Tommy wasn’t always sure if he was in the right, but he went through life fighting.

Everything you do in your life affects the rest of your life, but it’s your choice what you do with all of those things.

Tommy chose to turn to Jesus. Jesus took his alcoholism from him with the power of the cross; Jesus set him free.  Jesus is his King of kings, his hero of heroes.  He was a sinner; now he is a winner.


I.   Get in Position – On Your Knees and Pray.

A.  Jehoshaphat prayed and called a fast.

B.  God won’t give you something else to do until you do the first thing He told you to do.

C.  Stand up for Jesus.

II.  Get the Power – God’s Power.

A.  We are destined to prosper and be successful in God.

B.  Holiness is a relationship with Jesus, not religion.

C.  Speak the Name of Jesus over situations that try to stop you from all God has for you.

D.  Sometimes we put pastors or prophets on a pedestal, but Jesus needs to be our hero.

III. Get the Prophecy – God’s Word.

A.  Prophesy God’s Word daily over yourself, your family, church, city, and America.

B.  God’s Word is His love letter to you; all you need is in His Word.

IV.  Get in Praise – Victory Comes in Praise.

A.  Praising God at all times brings victory.

V.   Get Peace – God’s Peace.

A.  Keep your eyes on Jesus at all times, and rest in His peace knowing He is taking care of everything.

B.  Nothing is more powerful than Jesus.

Conclusion: In all tests and trials, remember that Jesus is with you to deliver you, heal you, and set you free. He never leaves you nor forsakes you but loves you with all His heart, soul, mind, and strength. He died for you and rose for you so you could live free for Him. Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords is our Hero of heroes.

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