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Bible Text: Matthew 1:5 (Joshua 2, Joshua 6; Ruth 1:16–17; Ruth 3) |

INTRO:  While the woman in Proverbs 31 is a worthy example for mothers to imitate, she’s not among those listed in the lineage of Jesus.  Today we’ll look at two unlikely women who are listed in the Bible for all future generations to see.  Who are these two mothers?  Well, they certainly weren’t perfect examples of faithfulness to be in this righteous list.  Moms, be encouraged.  With God there’s always hope!  Let’s allow the Holy Spirit to speak to each of us at the very point of our need today.

 I.    Roles and Role Models

> The attributes of the Proverbs 31 woman are daunting as a role model against which to measure ourselves.

- We are all in a process; we haven’t arrived yet.

> Our upbringing can make it hard to let go and start again.

- It is hard to go against that which we knew growing up.

- Our culture is also making it more and more difficult to live a godly life.

- But there is hope.

- We need to choose to follow Christ.

- Christ can break the curse of our past.

> When we are in the process of reaching people for Christ, we reach from where they are at, not where they need to be.

- We keep pressing on and praying.

- The cry of a mom’s heart to pray for family is powerful.

- The seeds we plant do not come back empty.

- Moms endure difficult situations with children even in the best circumstances.

- No matter what is in our past, we can become virtuous through Christ.

> Rahab and Ruth both had horrible circumstances which they overcame.

- Their lives are similar to the lives of some moms today.

- There are many families with situations that are difficult.

- Rahab and Ruth are remembered in the Bible as virtuous women.

- It wasn’t common for women to be listed in genealogy; only four women are listed in the Bible.

II.   Rahab (the former prostitute of Jericho) Joshua 2 & 6

> Rahab was the “madam” of the town.

- She had “a past,” a reputation.

- The men knew where she lived.

- She was given the title “harlot.”

- However, she became a beautiful example of how we can overcome a sinful life.

> Rahab’s life tells the story of how God uses the imperfect – the outcast.

- Rahab chose to hide the Israelite spies instead of giving them up to the king.

- She realized that God was working in behalf of the Israelites.

- She acknowledged the God of Israel as God of heaven and of earth.

- These are words of a repentant heart.

- Because she hid the spies, they agreed to protect her and her family when the Israelites came to destroy Jericho.

- She married an Israelite man and became the mother of Boaz, the great grandfather of King David and in the lineage of Jesus (Matthew 1:5).

- God can use our lives, our past, and give us a future.

III.  RUTH (the former godless Moabite) Ruth 1:16–17; Ruth 3

> Ruth was raised in a heathen environment; she was a pagan.

- She was raised in an anti-God culture.

- The Moabite race was based in incest (Genesis 19:30-37).

> Ruth chose a new path for herself when she decided to go with her mother-in-law, Naomi, to Judah.

- Ruth 1:16-17: “Where you go, I will go… Your people will be my people and Your God will be my God.”

- She chose to walk away from the life she knew.

- She followed the direction of God and Naomi.

- She married Boaz, Rahab’s son, the great grandfather of King David and in the lineage of Jesus (Matthew 1:5).

- Boaz described Ruth as a virtuous woman (Ruth 3:11).

CONCLUSION:  The experiences these two women had with God caused them to be transformed into two of the godliest mothers in the Bible, and they live on in history (and in heaven) today.  Rahab and Ruth were mothers who overcame their horrible circumstances to become godly mothers.  Their life-stories offer hope to us all.  When we surrender to God, the worst circumstances can turn around and bring glory to God!

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