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Bible Text: Luke 24:44-53; 2 Corinthians 7:8-11 |

INTRO:  Last week we looked at what Jesus told His disciples after His resurrection, just before He ascended into heaven. From these verses there are three themes that stand out: 1. Repentance and forgiveness of sins (v. 47); 2. The promise of the Father (v.49); and 3. God’s blessing on the lives of His followers (v.50).

I.    What repentance is not.

A.  Sorrow or regret for getting caught

B.  Feeling shame

1.  Shame is not the same as repentance.

2.  If we allow shame to continue, it will lead us to more sin.

a.  We may come to believe there is no point in trying to change.

C.  Making excuses.

D.  Blaming others, not even the devil

E.  Denying or covering up sin (Proverbs 28:13)

II.   What is repentance?

A.  The Greek word metanoeo means a change of mind toward sin.

1.  The fruit of this is a change of behavior.

2.  It refers to a complete, radical, and total change.

3.  “A decision to completely change or turn around in the way that one is thinking, believing, or living” (Sparkling Gems from the Greek).

III. How do I know I’ve genuinely repented?

A.  There is an inward change of your mind and emotions.

1.  There is godly sorrow.

2.  You feel intense disgust, and are sickened by the thought of it.

3.  You no longer live with regret caused by the sin.

B.  There is an outward change (your will).

1.  You are eager to make things right.

2.  You turn from sinful ways and turn to Jesus.

IV.   What are the results of genuine repentance?

A.  YouaAre forgiven (Acts 2:38; 2 Peter 3:9).

B.  You are refreshed (Acts 3:19).

C.  You are cleansed.

D.  You are restored.

V.    I need to have a plan to avoid sin.

A.  The Holy Spirit brings something to mind that you need to change.

B.  You need to be intentional about making a different choice.

C.  If there is a sin you keep going back to, you need to write down what you will do.

D.  Find an accountability partner.

CONCLUSION: If we recognize our sin for what it is, experience remorse for how it grieves God, and allow the Holy Spirit to redirect our lives, we have genuinely repented.  Is there an area of your life that needs repentance?  Have you repented and placed your full trust in Jesus as Savior and Lord of your life?  God desires to forgive you and to restore harmony back in your relationship with Him.

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