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Bible Text: John 10:2-5; 27 |

INTRO:  Hearing God’s voice is one of the greatest benefits of our salvation! God gave believers in Christ the Holy Spirit to enable us to daily hear His voice. As we get more familiar with the ways the Holy Spirit speaks to us, and learn to recognize His voice, we become a healthier, growing Christian. Today we’ll look at three main ways God speaks to believers, how to recognize that it is Him speaking, and how we ought to respond when He speaks.

I.    Three main ways God speaks to us.

A.  The Bible

B.  The Holy Spirit

C.  Other Believers in Christ

II.   How to recognize God’s voice.

A.  Does what you’re hearing go against God’s Word or character?

1.  Be careful to whom you are listening; the evil one speaks to you also.

2.  If a message doesn’t resonate with God’s Word, it isn’t of God.

B.  Does what you’re hearing bring confusion?

C.  Does what you’re hearing cause your faith to increase?

D.  Does what you’re hearing please the Lord?

III.  How to respond to God’s voice.

A.  Listen carefully.

1.  Sheep know the voice of their shepherd; they listen to his voice and follow him.

2.  It’s not enough to hear; we need to listen.

3.  Listen and follow are in the present tense; it’s an ongoing, every day thing.

B.  Respond immediately.

1.  When the Holy Spirit speaks, we respond; we obey.

2.  Listening implies obedience.

CONCLUSION: Take time to listen every day. God is speaking.  Are you listening?  Expect God to speak.  He may remind you of something.  If you sense God is not speaking to you, go back to the last thing God spoke to you to make sure you are obedient to what He asked you to do.

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