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Bible Text: Exodus 20:12; Ephesians 6:1-4 |

INTRO:  The first tablet of the Ten Commandments began with our relationship to our heavenly Father.  The second tablet begins with the fifth commandment and speaks of our relationship to our earthly father and mother.  The principle behind this commandment is honor.  Unfortunately, this seems to be a lost virtue in our nation today!

 I.   Our Responsibility to Honor Our Parents

> The fifth commandment was at the top of the second tablet – honoring our parents.

- When we honor our father and mother, all the rest of the commandments will fall into place.

- The basis of this commandment is to treat others with honor and respect.

- When we are rebellious, we are not honoring our parents.

- It affects our relationships with others and with our heavenly Father.

- It all comes back to how we respond to our parents’ authority.

- It is right to obey parents.

- We choose to obey as an act of our will.

- Willful obedience helps children become responsible adults.

- They learn to submit to authority.

- Respect and honor go hand-in-hand.

- When parents are respected, God is also respected.

> When children no longer live at home, children honor their parents by the things they say about them.

- It is right to show our parents respect in public even if they were not respectful of us.

- This shows honor and respect of both our physical parents and our Father in heaven.

> The things our parents did may not be right, but they are still our parents.

- Even if we come from broken homes, we honor God when we forgive.

- We need to forgive despite what may have happened.

- It is not saying that we are agreeing with what happened.

- To be disrespectful is to violate the fifth commandment.

> An attitude of unforgiveness and disrespect may be why we are struggling in our lives today.

- We need to ask the Holy Spirit if this is the case.

- Do we honor God?

- Do we honor our parents?

- Do we honor our boss at work or other people in positions of authority?

- God places people in positions of power.

- We don’t have to agree with the people in our government.

- We are to be respectful even when we disagree.

- God can use any situation.

II.  Our Responsibility to Be Honorable Parents

> Parents need to be honorable also.

- There is a high value on the home.

- As the family goes, so goes the nation.

- The value of honor is very important.

- The first authority in life that kids experience is their parents.

- They learn honor and to be honorable from their parents.

- It is not just what we say; it is how we treat others.

- Let it never be true that we are found to be dishonorable – lying, cheating, cursing, etc.

- Parents need to exercise godliness in their lives.

- Ninth and tenth graders were asked what word came to mind when they thought about their dad.

- Some said jerk, mad, and absent.

- Some said wholeness, kindness, security, and safety.

- Dad is an immensely powerful word.

- Dads represent God to their children.

- Children will want to emulate their parents when they are honorable.

> If parents honor the Lord with their worship and fellowship, children and grandchildren see their example.

- When we take the time to honor God, we set an example to those around us.

- We need to model God’s love.

- When we honor our heavenly Father, it will help our children honor both their parents and God.

- It is a call for children to honor and for parents to be honorable.

- There is a promise when children obey and honor their parents: "so that you may live long and that it may go well with you" (Deuteronomy 5:16).

CONCLUSION:  This commandment actually sets the stage for all of our earthly relationships.  God specifically teaches us about honor through our parents, although it’s not always easy to do.  If we fail to honor our parents, we’ll fail to be honorable parents.  God rewards those who honor and are honorable.

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