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Bible Text: Matthew 5:1-12 |

INTRO:  In this Beatitude, Jesus is speaking of the blessedness of a pure heart.  The heart is the master control area of life.  The condition of your heart is important because it determines whether or not you’ll see God now and into eternity.  This is why it is so important to have a pure heart.

I.    What is a pure heart?

A.  Clean

B.  Unmixed

1.  A singleness of heart- an undivided heart (not double-minded).

2.  The person who presents their true self to God and man (not hypocrisy).

3.  Their very heart—including their thoughts and motives is pure, not mixed with anything deceitful or hidden.

4.  Describes a person whose single-minded loyalty to God has affected every area of their life.

II.   How do you receive a pure heart?

A.  Be in right relationship with God (Christ, Savior and Lord of your life).

B.  Ask God to cleanse you (Psalm 51:10).

III.  How do you maintain a pure heart? (Psalm 119:9-16)

A.  Seek God with all your heart.

B.  Hide God’s Word in your heart.

C.  Live according to His Word.

D.  Meditate on God’s Word.

IV.  How do you see God?

A.  Figuratively: to perceive, recognize, experience, etc.

1.  In Nature

- Hearing a bird sing, seeing the waves of the ocean, a waterfall, a sunrise or sunset, flowers and their fragrance

- It is the evidence of His handiwork.

2.  In History

- The Roman Empire, the destruction of Jerusalem, the Israelite war on the 1960’s, His protection of the United States

3.  Through the Eyes of Faith

- You don’t always understand what is happening, but you know Who holds the future and that God has everything under control.

4.  Seeing His presence everywhere and experiencing the joy of God’s watchful eye over you.

- Even if life brings difficult circumstances, God is watching over you and knows what is happening to you.

B.  Literally

1.  You will see Him in heaven with your own eyes.

- Only those with a pure heart will see God.

- Jesus gives you a pure heart.

- We will all see Him, but some will be condemned.

CONCLUSION:  The most important part of your life is the part only God sees - your heart.  God wants your heart to be pure so that you will see Him, and in seeing Him, receive all that He has and enjoy all that He is.  What is the condition of your heart?

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