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Bible Text: Matthew 17:1-9 |

INTRO:  The transfiguration of Jesus is like no other event in the Bible.  Imagine being there with the disciples and experiencing what they saw and heard.  How would we react?  Would we take notes or maybe record it on our cellphone?  Peter, James, and John were witnesses to this extraordinary event, and each one recorded what they saw from their own perspective.


> The disciples’ mindset was changed when Jesus revealed Himself.

- It gave them something to hold on to after Jesus died.

- From within Himself Jesus was illuminated – He glowed.

- The disciples fell on their faces.

- There were three people as witnesses - Peter, James, and John.

- They got a glimpse of the glory of Jesus as Lord.

- God spoke and said, “This is My Son.”

- There was no photo of Moses and Elijah, yet they knew who they were.

- How did that happen?

- They knew because it was revealed to them.

> If it happened here today, we also would fall on our faces.

- But we don’t have to go to a mountain; God is with us.

- God will speak to us if we seek Him.


> The mountain was a place of meeting.

- This was a meeting place.

- Peter, James, and John went up the mountain to pray with Jesus.

- Jesus was telling them that He must suffer and die, but that He will rise again.

- Their expectation was that Jesus would be their king here on earth.

- They were not expecting His words that He would be killed.

- They understood that the Messiah would usher in His kingdom, but they weren’t expecting this way of accomplishing it.

> Sometimes we, also, have expectations of God.

- We want to humanize God.

- Why doesn’t God do this or that?

> Peter wanted to make a memorial on the mountain.

- Peter spoke before he really thought about what he was saying.

- It was putting Jesus on the same plane as Moses and Elijah.

- People put Jesus in the same category as Buddha or Mohammed.

- Jesus is in a category by Himself.

> Transfiguration also means transformation.

- We have been transformed by the power of Jesus.

- Transformation comes when we renew our minds (Romans 12:2).

- People see the transformation in us, that we have been transformed by God.

- We have been transformed; we have a new nature.

- Our old nature is dead; don’t resurrect it.

- We have God within us when we accept Jesus as Savior.

- Jesus is our bridge to God.

- No one can come to God without Jesus.

- There is no other way.

- When we receive Christ as Savior, God is pleased with us just as He is pleased with Jesus.

- When God looks at us, He sees Jesus.

- No matter what, God is with us.

- He is the Great I Am.


> The transfiguration was an encouragement to Jesus before His suffering.

- It was also an encouragement for His disciples.

- In time, all of the disciples except John were martyred for Jesus.

- There is a cost for being a Christian.

- Jesus said, “Whoever loses their life for Me will save it” (Luke 9:24).

> It is an encouragement to us also.

- It reminds us that this world is not our final home.

- There will be a time when we are caught up in the clouds and transformed.

- It will be worth it all when we Jesus.

- One glimpse of His glory will satisfy.

- The transfiguration speaks to us and encourages us to listen to God’s Son.

- When the Lord speaks to us, we need to listen.

- He speaks to us through the Word.

- God says, “Listen to My Son.”

CONCLUSION:  If persecution comes, will we remain followers of Christ?  Will we be willing to pay the cost of being a Christian?  We must deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Jesus.  We are just passing through this world.  Eternity is the only thing that really matters.  We can ask Jesus to help us to rise up and be who He called us to be.

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